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Please call or text us at 208-880-4883 we love our dogs and so will you. We are retiring and only going to have two females and we are taking on the kennel name All Bully and our son is taking over most of the dogs and he will have the page Allot Of Bully and has several nice females. Between the two of us we should be able to find you a great puppy. Thank you very much. We have learned a lot in all these years, we have worked hard to have healthy dogs and put them with great families. Bulldogs bring so much to a family they will entertain you every day, they love to be the center of attention. We are not a puppy mill and our dogs do not end up in shelters. We know this because we micro chip our dogs so if that was ever to happen we would be notified.  Some well meaning people breed their pets in a well meaning attempt to give family and friends a bulldog puppy. We strongly discourage this for several reasons. 1. not all dogs should be bred and some undesirable traits get passed on. 2. it takes a lot of responsibility to be there from your dog during birth of pups and the many many hours required to help them. Some sad owners find out to late that they could lose their beloved pet due to not knowing what to look for in a pregnancy and delivery and complications. 3. Finding homes for the pups is not as easy as you may think, a free dog is never cared for as many have found out that the free dogs end up in shelters, not cared for and not given the proper care. People who buy bulldogs have done research and willing to invest in there pets. When you get a puppy from a hobby breeder they most likley will not be around when you need to get advise or honor a health guarantee. Responsible breeders keep the integrity of the breed. Unforuntaly in my opinion that has been a big problem in our once healthy breed the Olde English Bulldogge. I struggle to find healthy breeding dogs, I refuse to breed dogs that do not have correct conformation. I also am careful on the genetics of the dogs we breed. Since so many are breeding for color one must be careful on what you cross or many problems will arise. We do our homework on our dogs, give them great homes and really care about the Old English Bulldog thank you. We work closely with our veterinary and have excellent references. Dixie Armstrong208-880-4883

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