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Buying a bulldog is an investment for your family to enjoy and giving your bulldog a healthy happy life is my goal and yours to.

This is how we care for our bulldogs, there is many opinions how to raise puppies, train bulldogs, and how to make your bulldog part of the family. Some people have liked this link click book

My years of being around all types of animals is that you make the good things easy and the hard things harder (quote from book for training horses, Ray Hunt) then your training should go good for you.First off if my puppy starts to chew on fingers and toes I stop that behavior immediately, not so cute as they get older and think you are enjoying it at that point you have created a monster! Several ways to stop that a say a sharp NO and pinch the side of the lip should do it, your goal is to let them know that hurts don't do that. Momma dog snaps at her pups to let them know when they have gone to far in their ruff play.

You can also try a rolled up news paper and a quick slap on the head and a sharp No. If puppy every snaps back or does not back down then i roll them over on there back hold them down until they relax, sometimes they may really fuss for a bit, its important not to let them up until they relax a little say good dog let them up and pet them. The lesson to learn is when dogs are leader of the pack they do that to other dogs to make them go into submission. The last thing you want is for your bulldog to be leader of the pack. You are the one that pays the bills :)

We train our puppies to go out threw a doggy door to go to the bathroom in one area. When you get your puppy try to take puppy to the place you want them to go to the bathroom first thing when you take out of sleeping area, since they are young and have small bladders you cant wait as they will need to go to the bathroom as soon as they get up in the morning and right after they eat. Normally when they go out side they will go to the bathroom two times before they are done so dont get in to big of a hurry to take them right back into home after they go once give them a few minutes.

If puppy starts sniffing the floor and circling acting like in a hurry they are about to go to the bathroom quickly take puppy out side and say good puppy when they go to the bathroom. If your puppy has an accident inside say bad dog...No take out side and if puppy goes a little out side say good dog.

If you can get some gravel and put in one spot that is where you can train puppy to go to the bathroom. If you want to you can give a command like go potty when you put on the area where the gravel is and soon your puppy will learn also to go when you say the word. If living in an area where you can not take out side you can use pea pads but if you leave them laying around they will play with them making a mess. They make a holder that clips and holds them down and that works really good. Pups dont like to make a mess where they sleep if trained properly they will hold it until given a place to go that is away from sleeping area.

If you are consistent with your training you will have a very happy pup and a clean house. Some hang a bell from the door and each time they take puppy to door to go out they rattle the bell then take out side soon every time they want to go out they rattle it so you will know when they want to go. Some times they will come to where you are and look at you and if you say do you need to go out side they run to the door. These dogs are very smart, it is a kindness to them if you work with them and if you are the master, don't let them run the house if you think you are having troubles with that, get some help while they are young and trainable then you will have a great bulldog. Please don't spoil them its not to their benefit , don't give table scraps not good for their health, there is some healthy things you can give them. Duke loved apple slices so do some research and you can still give some treats. Buy good dog food, in my opinion dogs that get cancers and skin issues has a direct link to dog food. We trained duke to put his toys away, all we did is call him over to a box when he had a toy in his mouth tell him to drop it and tug on the toy till he let go then give him a treat, soon we told him put up your toys then when he got to the box say now drop it , then give a treat before you know it they will do it to get a treat. keeping your house nice and neat!

Please call if you have any questions or concerns it is easier to fix things when they are young.

We recommend a grain free dog food, make sure that it does not have yeast in the first part of the ingredients, i don't like feeding yeast. I like GMO free to if I can find it.

I give elk or deer horns to chew on, not a fan of bones as they can splinter. I dont feed rawhide as the bulldogs try to swallow them whole and can choke. Kong toys are pretty good as they hold up to the chewing.

Never allow your dog to get to hot they have short noses and so decreases their ability to cool down. If you go on a walk always have water available and stop for shade if it gets hot out. It is best to go in the cool of the mornings or evenings.

Signs you dog is getting to hot panting very hard tongue looks thicker and eyes bug out a little your dog is way to hot cool them down immediately, poor cool water over back, on to the stomach get them cool! Never leave in a parked car.

Don't leave in a back yard with no shade on a hot day ever. If your dog is use to air conditioning then you need to work them into being out side where it is hot just like a person acclimate them carefully.

When leading your dog don't let them pull on you best trick I found is start walking in a tight circle changing directions constantly then walk straight turn walk a few steps turn again soon your dog will look to you for what direction you are going next. Stop and pet your dog they are looking to you for direction good job.

I feed once a day for adults, water at all times and for puppies I leave free choice dog food until they are about 6 months or if they start to get to fat, then your puppy will never have food aggression issues.

Never leave dogs home alone unattended, not a safe thing to do since they lay around most of the time any way put them in a nice kennel  or crate while you are gone this will keep your dog from creating bad habits and prevent an argument with another pet. You don't want your dog to learn to fight. You are in control so don't leave them to make poor choices on there own.

It is best to exercise your bulldog, what we have seen is people keep there dog in the house all week then on the weekend go out and let the dogs run and jump, these out of shape over weight dogs will get injuries, just as a couch potato man that goes and plays foot ball all day, you can imagine how he would fare. So if your dog is overweight that is not healthy, if it is out of shape that is not healthy either so start out slow and on a lease and help them get back into shape before you start to throw a ball and let your bully run and jump and hurt himself.

I have found that some veterinary clinics are not familiar with the breed.  Please contact us if your vet wants to treat skin issues with antibiotics often this makes things worse for the bulldog as they get yeast infections which causes more skin issues most of the time it is food related, or can be treated with medicated shampoo. In our over medicated world and surgery happy money making world please don't rush to to spend your money and do research and please call if you are pressured by any one to do that.

Stairs can be pretty hard on a puppy or an older dog try to not have them traverse stairs to often in a day. Jogging on hard surfaces is not good for your dog either but some times that's all you may have to walk on. I do recommend this Joint supplement called Prevention Plus Joint supplement, works really good for growing pups 8 months or older and adults.

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Hope this information is helpful. Thank you Dixie Armstrong